How We got started


How we got started,

First, All  of our hooks are made from scratch in our small workshop here in  Welches Oregon. We only use sustainable wood and we do research to make  sure the product is brought to market in a responsible manner.

Like most of us it was a love of the fiber arts and especially crochet. After crocheting for 40 years my partner Rob got me started turning and from that moment I was hooked (pun intended.) When I looked at other wooden hooks I could not find ones that truly combined style and affordability with functionality. I have also done reflexology for over 20 years so after much trial and error we arrived at designs that combined all four, Style, function, reflexology with affordability.

All  hooks are available in sets. Just email us with details with what you would like. We welcome custom orders  and will work with to to design your dream hook or set. 

We help crochet dreams come true, one hook at a timeI love to hear from anybody who visits our site so feel free to use the contact page or contact me directly at PLEASE be sure to check your spam folders for a reply, as we will always get back to you quickly.

As our hooks are completely hand made you may experience slight changes in style and color.